Meeting up with some Twitter Peeps in Vegas during the New Media Expo

Hot Las Vegas Nights! Out with @h0neyb Don’t get on her bad side. She is as dangerous as she is beautiful! Sting!

Elvis gave us his parking spot at Caesar’s Palace and I’m sure it’s because @h0neyb was with us. She was out good luck charm while we were in Vegas. She is a strong and vibrant woman and she totally rocks!”

I was in Vegas over the weekend & met up with @rocknrollgeek at Cleopatra’s Barge in Ceasars Palace. While meeting up with him I got to meet @wmmarc, @techzulu & @acoolong. It was nice meeting some new people in the Social Networking, which has become an addiction for me now. Between shakin my booty on the dance floor with @rocknrollgeek, and talking about how Awesome Utah is (Lol! :p). I also had a chance to talk with @techzulu and his site which promotes other websites & companies that usually wouldn’t get a lot of media coverage, or how I explained it “helping out the little guys”.

On the way home I couldn’t remember the exact location of the hotel I was staying at, so @rocknrollgeek kindly looked it up on his phone. It wasn’t until seconds later his phone died!!! Ahahahaha (from what I hear it was a normal thing for his phone dying more than once during the day) I’m sure Twitter had a big part on the phone dying. @wmmarc finally busted out his Garmin, and we made it to my hotel!

I need to seriously get one of these things! I used the Garmin while visiting Washington DC with my rental car, driving to & from Virginia. It was very convenient, and super easy to use (simple is always good). With the nice ladies voice on the device blurting out

“Recalculating..Recalculating” (I kept going the wrong way)

over and over, I eventually made it to all my destination points.

Thanks again @wmmarc for the photograph, and glad I was able to help you get Elvis’s Parking Spot! Hahaha.. My weekend was an overall Fantastical Experience!!

@h0neyb, @rocknrollgeek, @acoolong

Taken by @wmmarc


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