Rolling in Style to Church with a flat

Well family was all in town & it was my mother’s request for me to attend church with everyone. (I haven’t attended church in probably 2 years except for my sisters little girls baby blessing)  As I pulled in I hit the retarded curb & my tire went flat instantly! Atleast I made it to the last meeting of church! I have had so many flat tires in the last 2 1/2 years with my Toyota Celica. Seriously at first I thought rims & profile tires were the way to go, but I learned soon enough that I couldn’t even tell when I got a flat tire.  It takes me around 15 minutes to change my tire now. My mom doesn’t even know how to change a tire.. Lol! I guess I don’t like being that helpless person on the side of the road waiting for someone to stop and help me.

  1. People have that whole mentality of “Oh I won’t stop someone else will”.
  2. Changing a tire really isn’t that bad if you invest in a hydraulic jack :p
  3. I need to watch out for those curbs that just jump out in front of you

I have my stock tires on now, and it looks like I’ll be hittin up the Tire Store tomorrow (if they’re open on Memorial).


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