TwitPic Anxiety!

I noticed 8 days ago (September 8th) that my TwitPic wasn’t updating on my Twitter. or Twitter Search. I first looked in my settings to see if they updated anything new that would turn on & off my Twitter Updates. I found nothing except for the Public Time line.

I sent a Tweet expressing my sadness, but I didn’t worry much. I hoped that it was just a glitch that would be fixed soon.

I got notice today from @mcpaige that my TwitPic‘s weren’t  updating (not only did he state the problem about my TwitPic’s, but he gave me the suggestion about contacting (aka: Yelling) at @noaheverett on the issue)

The Anxiety started up again. I TwitPic Alot!!! I’m pretty sure that’s where most of my multimedia texts get used, is on Twit Pic!

So after researching it a little bit after that Tweet I got sent to me, I saw that it was Fixed! Yeah I lost like 7 Pictures in my updates, but who cares! It’s Fixed again!!! I know there’s a feedback button on Twitpic, but my feedback was just basically a Thank-You Note. Saved me from having to take medications from all the anxiety I was getting.

<——-Click to See my Bee Doodles! Expressing my Feelings Stick Figure Style.. Thanks-Again @noaheverett!


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