VOTE: Leave Your Print

I’ve been listening to people talk about the election this year, pretty much everywhere I go.

In the Restaurant waiting for a table
Grocery Store
In line trying to pick up my prescription

After listening to everyone & their opinions, I’ve come to some conclusions:

A. Don’t complain & bitch if you’re not willing to even  register to vote for this years elections.

B. Taxes or changes will always be promised to the society to save  $$. (I just figure that the $$ we end up saving will be spent with them raising taxes elsewhere)

C. Have an opinion based on your own research, and actually looking into topics.

I know I need to get more involved, and have a stronger opinion on things. I’m a pretty open person as it is, and believe people are entitled to their own opinions (Just that.. your own opinion.. Not your colleagues, friends, family or your #1 idol on Twitter)

I love Debate, because of the rush and adrenaline you get from it. Any of those who know me on a personal level know I’m always quick to speak my mind. Now I just have to refresh myself on the candidates, and off to the City/County Open Discussions I go! <—It’s time to get some younger generation in these discussions rather than all the patriotic old farts who’ve been attending since the bible was translated.

Feel free to leave your comments/ opinions, credit card # (w/security code), and blood type :p


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