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Coworkutah Twitter Panel


The Tweetup I went to was held by @coworkutah  & it was so much fun! I’ll admit this was my very first tweetup, and I really didn’t know what to expect. I got a lot of good tips, and information from the panel. I met lots of new friends, and got lots of new followers that night (Thanks for introducing me @Jack_Hadley , I was even caught on video ;p)

Can’t wait for more Tweetups!


Shaq followed me on Twitter” @mollermarketing <~ it’s all about connections! Thanks 4 the business card:) Video

“I’ll pretend to go to the bathroom, just so I can Tweet” @mickhagen  Video

“The more followers u get the more power u have don’t let anyone tell u otherwise” @JesseStay  Video

“Twitter is like a news room without Noise” @NewspaperGrl Glad they have a female on the panel!  Video

“Twitter should be about the people..$$$ will come later” @ashbuckles   Video

Cowork Utah




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