Sundance Tweetup/@h0neyb’s Random Act of Kindness

sundanceLast Thursday I went up to Sundance for the Tweetup @socialhat had put together. It was sooooo much fun! On the #SunTweet Panel was:

I’m glad the idea of Ustream came together in the end.. @saintless saved me by bringing her laptop to the tweetup. We ended up raising over $500 dollars for Serenity (who is Twitter user @Phil801’s daughter. )

Serenity was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia on May 24, 2008. Lifting Up Serenity is dedicated to her recovery and supporting her family throughout their journey through childhood cancer. (taken from @saintless ‘s Blog)

saintless-h0neybUstream Girls @saintless & @h0neyb (me!)

Psst if you haven’t added me on Twitter yet DO IT!

The whole event turned out Fantastic & the Panel was Great! I’d also like to Thank @carysnowden for not shuttin the Tweetup down early.. lol! I had tons of fun greeting y’all at the door & thank-you for all your donations!

After the event me & @saintless decided to go around to a couple of the local gatherings they had going on for sundance. As I was opening up my car door (me & @saintless decided to call it a night close to 1 a.m) I heard someone say “Help Me”, well I wasn’t crazy because I heard it again. So I turned around to see a Gal standing by a vehicle. I walked over to her and this girl was in her socks standing in a puddle and her boots were on the hood of the vehicle. Conversation between me and this young lady (turned out to be 26)

Me: “Honey why are you standing in water?”

Girl:”I lost my friends about 2 hours ago” (This girl was obviously had too much to drink)

Me:”Do you have a cellphone on you?”

Girl:”I don’t know”

Me:”Where do you live?”

Girl:”I don’t know..”

Then this girl starts crying hysterically..I checked her pockets and found her drivers license, it said she lived in Midvale Ut. I try to comfort her telling her everything will be ok, and tell her to get in my car. She hesitated but eventually got in. I left a note on the vehicle leaving my name & number telling them I had their friend. 

We make it down the canyon, I drop off @saintless back at her jeep. Next was trying to get this girl home safely. She finally woke up and I got her fiance’s phone number out of her (after calling 6 different numbers). I ended up driving to 4500 south, and met him at a gas station. The girl was still incredibly tipsy, and the fiance took her out of my car and put her in his. 

Her fiance was Thankful for me being so nice, and honestly I was just glad the girl ended up being safe. 

After a long night I finally made it home by 3 a.m Thursday night, only returning back to work at 7 a.m 🙂 I think we’ve all been in a bind before one way or another, and it’s nice knowing there are other people out there who actually will lend a helping hand. I couldn’t of been happier that night after the #suntweet.




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