Laying on an Air Mattress hasn’t felt so good!!

I’m now the proud owner of a Studio Apartment in the heart of Washington DC..
When I moved out here, I brought 3 boxes (clothes, shoes etc) I move in to my new place with the same 3 boxes of stuff.. No furniture, no wall art.. Nothing but this Coleman Air Mattress Im laying on now.. & it feels damn good!! Make sure to thank those who’ve helped/supported you along the way.. Almost exactly 1 year ago I said I would be moving to the east coast.. It feels so good to accomplish the things I want. I will admit Ive never lived by myself before, & find it odd to have things exactly as I left them. Growing up in a family of 10, this NEVER happened!

I’m here in DC now, & I plan on making the best of it ❤


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