This town has events all the time, now actually committing to one is another story. I’ve missed a few that I’ve RSVP’d to just for the fact that I’m lazy, and never really was planning on going with someone else.. Well this time I had @amandasena to go with.

We didn’t get lost which is awesome since both me and her are challenged when it comes to North,South,East,West.

It was nice to mingle with a few people (who knows when i’ll see them again, since theres a million people who go to these events. Unlike Utah I saw my same friends each time, and was able to keep up with new faces. Love you guys, you’re family!)

I take notes when I meet people:


Here’s a few photo’s from the event (thanks to @shawnduffy who was a photographer ninja the whole event, he had to have lost 10 pounds he was running around so much)

techcocktailtechcocktail2techcocktail 1techcocktail 3


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