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It was a simple question.. Name one random thing about you & here’s what we got! I loved the responses & it helped me remember people more. The tweetup was fun! My favorite thing about it was that it wasn’t too large that you lost track of who you met & who they were. Hope this helps!
Anyone else who runs across this, the group below are awesome people & since I knew y’all would be too lazy to look up all the twitter profiles, I brought the profiles to you! 🙂 Enjoy!

@NicolePRExec@NicolePRexec I am a fan of the Detroit Pistons

PR Professional that is looking to network! Happily taken, love animals and volunteer often!



@h0neyb @h0neyb I can touch my tongue to my nose

(Moved 2 DC 4rm SLC) Stinging is my Hobby~Bees are my Obsession~h0ney is my Weakness~Beedoodles is my Passion~Pharmacy is my Career


@FireRunner@FireRunner I save cats from trees

70% Fireman 20% Coach 10% Crazy. Caps. Nats. RedSox. Techie. All things strange and random.



@orgconnect@orgconnect I play Soccer

Certified Professional Organizer, Speaker and Trainer serving DC-MD-VA, specialize in helping entrepreneurs detox their inbox and overcome email overload


@nutrishop@nutrishop Mets & Jets Fan

(DM me miss @orgconnect so I can get the correct Twitter Handle)



@hdean@hdean Skydiving

I build websites. Strong understanding of Facebook marketing ecosystem (page design, ads, and outreach). Marketing niches in retail, restaurant, and wine biz


@dallisonlee@dallisonlee Grew up in Jamaica, WI

Certified Professional Organizer® in the DC Metro area. Vlogger. Starbucks Lover. Media Maven in the Making.


@_nikimurray_@_nikimurray_ First kiss=Eiffel Tower

tweeting from the fenway seats in my living room



@DrumsForAds @drumsforads I’ve been on 5 music albums, playing drums

Drummer. Account Director. Photographer. I rock!



@mikeschaffer @mikeschaffer My dog was Bolt for Halloween

Director of Social Media for a Sports & Entertainment PR Agency, Founder of The Buzz!



@ninawhiskers87 When I yawn it sounds like a cat meowing




@WhitneyStringer@WhitneyStringer I used to drive the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile

DC Entertainment Publicist/Event Planner for BrotmanWinterFried Communications


@castro7@Castro7 Don’t worry, it’s never weird to me!

CEO of a Information Technology and management Consulting Firm



@anthonyup @anthonyup DJ’d once in my life:first song “Cher do you Believe”

exactly. pinstripes.


@Katherinekenned @KatherineKenned Tuesday is my fav day of the week!

Star of the CW’s Blonde Charity Mafia



@DCeventjunkie @DCeventjunkie Irish born and raised, but I love the Yankees!

Event junkie. Work for Apple, but I was always biased 🙂 Irish born, Dublin girl, with a fascination for Oscar Wilde…is there an app for that?


@VanessaFrench @VanessaFrench I used to Folk Dance

PR Marcomm pro, new media maven, devotee of great design & all things creative; half Greek, half southerner who enjoys cooking, live music and hearty laughs


@blairdc @BlairDC I ❤ horror movies

Gregarious, inquisitive NC/DC gal who loves to laugh. Political wonk, music guru, travel enthusiast, art lover, tech junkie, foodie, social butterfly.

All Photos Below were taken from @DCeventjunkie’s TweetPhoto! Thanks for bringing your Camera!

CafeAsiaTweetup 1@drumsforads @ninawhiskers87 @h0neyb @DCeventjunkie @NicolePRexec @dallisonlee

CafeAsiaTweetup 2

@ninawhiskers87 @drumsforads @DCeventjunkie

CafeAsiaTweetup 4@h0neyb @FireRunner

CafeAsiaTweetup 5@hdean @h0neyb @VannesaFrench

CafeAsiaTweetup 3@NicolePRexec @Dallisonlee


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