We all went to Againn on New York Avenue & had a Blast! This was such a fun group that came out, I think we all got our fair share of laughter for the night. I’d also like to thank @aoflores’s wife for serving us very tasty drinks!

One Random Thing about everyone, then later in the night after a few drinks we went around the table and did it again. Everyone was of course a little more blunt at that point. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m bad I know..

Also 7 completely different people showed up to this Tweetup than the #CafeAsiaTweetup! Love meeting new faces!




@Samerfarha Photographer, traveler, cook, tinkerer, too

I saw Usain Bolt break the world record at the Beijing Olympics

I like Redheaded Icelanders

@jmdc88 The heart: Welsh… The love: hockey… The job: interior design trade… The angel in me: Georgetown Jingle

I’m often at loss for words around @h0neyb

I’m still at a loss for words

@jarehart President/CEO of Cavendo, a Web design and strategy firm

I bring “cool” to geeks



@SuzieLin Enjoying life…PR professional, Wine Consultant, Social media enthusiast, Sports fan, Go Buffs! Marathoner, skier and outdoor lover…

I’ve tried out for Road Rules and made it to the 3rd round of try outs before getting out

Followed Cuba Gooding Jr. into a red carpet pary in NYC

@Dianebhartford a data geek, plays roller derby w/ Salt City Derby Girls, blogs at Wise Ax, enjoys tech gadgets, loves food & wine, traveling, & music w/ a groove

I play roller derby

(I think I wrote her other random thing about her, it at least looks like my handwriting so I’ll pass on putting it up ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


I’ve seen most of my favorite musical artists perform live


@MBabcock3 Curator of trends, consumer insights, new products, technology, global cultures and anything intriguing. Curious like a cat.

I learn a new hobby every month

Can Belly Dance

@h0neyb (with a zero) Stinging is my Hobby~Bees are my Obsession~h0ney is my Weakness~Beedoodles is my Passion~Pharmacy is my Career

I don’t like my food touching on plate

I don’t like tall glasses that tip over easily

All the photography was taken from @Samerfarha’s flikr.. Thanks again for bringing your camera! ๐Ÿ™‚


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